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The Benefits of Squalane (olive derived) Oil

This is a secret weapon in the fight against aging. Squalane is nourishing, hydrating and boosts the skins ability to regenerate. It softens the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Squalane oil is so fine it is absorbed deep into the skin-leaving no oily film-with amazing quickness. This smooth, deep penetration assists in the acceleration of new cell growth. It also helps to discourage the growth of bacteria that can block normal cell development.

Squalane will clear up difficult skin problems (eczema, dermatitis, rashes, etc.) when nothing else helps very much. It also heals skin cracks, which are a significant health issue in the winter as germs can easily enter the body through cracked fingers/hands that have dried out from cold conditions.

Squalane has these unique abilities because the oil is naturally a major factor in skin lubrication as well as providing germ killing activity when it is properly concentrated in the skin. It helps to prevent the formation of brown age spots.

Benefits of Olive Squalane:

  • Boosts Cell Regeneration and Oxygenation
  • Helps prevent formation of “age spots”
  • Heals chapped /cracked Skin
  • Antibacterial Properties
  • Helps skin to retain moisture
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Imparts relief to dehydrated and ultra-sensitive skin
  • Softens the most rough-textured skin and leaves no oily residue
  • Helpful in counteracting conditions of eczema, psoriasis, and post-operative skin.

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Natural Concentrated Acne Face Serum

Throw away those harsh chemical based acne products! They first strip the skin of needed oils, which then stimulates an overproduction of oil causing more harm than good. Sisterra’s Acne Face Serum helps balance the need for moisturizing protective oils while eliminating problem skin.

A concentrated acne face serum that:

  • Moisturize
  • Balance Natural Oil
  • Calm Breakouts
  • Control-flare-ups
  • Non-Drying
  • Antiseptic

The natural plant oils employed are high in anti-oxidants and rich in fatty acids which are key in maintaining or obtaining skin health.

Oils: Jojoba, Carrot Seed, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Clary Sage, Neem and Vitamin E.

What do these ingredients do?

Jojoba Oil – Balances Oil/Moisturizes

Carrot Seed Oil – Fights Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Lavender Oil – Toning/Calming/Antiseptic

Tea Tree Oil – Reduces Blemishes/Antiseptic/Healing

Eucalyptus Oil – Clears Skin Congestion

Lemon Oil – Tones/Calms Redness

Clary Sage Oil – Balances Oil Production

Neem Oil – Anti-inflammatory/Antiseptic

Vitamin E(Alpha Tocopherol) – Anti-oxidant/Anti-aging/Softens Skin

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