The People Behind Sisterra

Donna Warren is a 30 year veteran of the hairdressing and cosmetology industry who became interested in natural hair care and skin products when she found both she and a number of her clients experienced a variety of skin disorders, chemical sensitivities and headaches. Donna started to question the harsh chemicals and known irritants in many over the counter health and beauty products. She decided to “get back to nature” and researched and formulated her own blends of natural products based on the powerful properties of essential plant oils. She began using these formulas on herself, her family and clients and soon had a following of people who loved the results and wanted the products for personal home use!

Susan W. Garramone is a biologist by training. She has over 25 years experience in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry including research, product development and business development. Susan became interested in Donna’s natural approach to hair and skin care not only from a scientific perspective but also from a personal point of view. Having been the victim of many allergies and sensitivities for years, Susan shares Donna’s views that daily exposure to chemicals and toxins are detrimental to our overall health and well-being.

Donna explains, “Plant oils have been used for centuries as natural health remedies and beauty products. However, over the years they have been processed or chemically mimicked for cost or convenience factors. We are getting back to basics – using the actual botanical essential oils and combining them for maximum benefit. They are effective – they feel good, make you look good and are good for you and the environment!”

Wishing you health and well-being,

Donna and Susan
Co-Founders and the “Sisters” in Sisterra


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